Opp Cultural Arts Center

OCAC is a community based non-profit cooperative arts center that provides a cultural base for the city of Opp, Alabama and the surrounding communities. We provide our area with strong cultural arts support programs and a gallery to display and promote the creative work of our local artists.  We support an active learning program with classes, camps and workshops through our gallery and with an ongoing extension of the elementary and middle school systems.


We strongly support educational activities in all areas of the cultural arts. We provide not only classes but also summer camp programs to bolster knowledge and encourage participation in all forms of arts. The mission of OCAC is to encourage and develop Cultural Arts by actively coordinating, developing, sponsoring, promoting and providing assistance in the area of the Arts to our community.


As a cooperative arts center, we have no paid staff.  Volunteers and member artists donate their time and talents both to the governing board and to the daily operations.  Through their efforts OCAC is able to provide the community with affordable and original artworks as well as a variety of art programs and events.